Preturi noi la pliante, flyere, print

Am primit azi preturile noi pentru print. Le-am comparat un pic, sunt ok.
Zice controlveul:
Oferta octombrie 2009
carti vizita simple, lucioase 165g
5E/100 buc
carti vizita textura/striatii, 300g
8E/100 buc
pliante, flyere, 165g lucios
pliant A4
1000: 177
5000: 351

pliant patrat 200×200:
1000: 181
5000: 339

1000:: 261
5000: 534

fluturas A4:
5000: 305

fluturas A4/3:
1000: 139
5000: 229
A, da. Euro.

Brainmade Approach

We`re into creative marketing and that means that we`re not only crazy about great design or hilarious copyrighting but we are really interested in the market, new products or industries and the commercial realities faced by our clients.

We use creativity as our primary asset and it works.
A creative solution generates growth and profit for our customers and it reduces their overall expenditures.